We are team which composed of one young, fast and unstopable guy and one crazy but still creative loving dad known as manzzini. We decide to make this site because we are a big fans and also traders of cryptocurrencies. Manzzini knows a lot of stuff from outdoor world and me – the young one knows the all virtual things. We put our forces together and woala – this website has born.





The one who is the entreprenues the bigger part of his life, the one for who is word-loyalty more than money. The best partner who never give up and will continue through bad and good times in his carrer. The one who love his family at the top of all things over the world no matter what is going on next in life.






Programmer from his early 13 years, designer and marketer. The one who knows many virtual things also with cryptocurrency. The one who never stops in his teen age to be a successful person with goals in his life. The one who believes in god and want to change the future and travel the world.